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When it comes to constant profitability of your business, you need to have the right set of Digital Marketing tools because they are important; more so necessary is having the right set of google tools list that focus more on keeping your business profitable.

These google free tools are of different functions and with the release of google new tools, you need to stay focused with only tools that are productive and profitable to your business. It is also important to note that productivity and profitability happen when a proper measurement is carried out on every activity done.

Google free tools can be said to be the best google tools in the sense of its ability to keep your business profitable all year long. Profitability happens when you have complete knowledge on how to use google tools whether be it a google advertising tool (AdWords tools) or google information tools, google tools for marketing, google measure tool, you need to be well educated on it to use it accurately for your business to profit from it.

Now here are the google business tools that are free and keeps your business profitable at all times.

  1. Google my Business App
  2. Google Trend
  3. Google Alerts
  4. Google Drive
  5. Google Hangouts
  6. Google Calendar
  7. Google Analytics


Google my business tool serves in the area of marketing and as part of google tools for small business, this free google service provides your business with an online business listing that remains online once your business details are uploaded. Your business details include your Business Name, Address and Phone number as a primary listing criterion. Also for better customer response to your business, a google location map and business picture would drive more traffic to your business.

For a good search engine optimization (SEO) from people searching for businesses like yours, Google My Business when optimized with the right keywords will allow your business to show up on google search engine to potential clients actively searching for what you offer and it creates an easy find for your business online on google my business tool.

On google my business tool offered by Google as a free business tool, your business can stay profitable as more and more people will keep searching for businesses like yours. One more thing to keep in mind is the knowledge on how to set up Google my business in a well-optimized form to constantly bring people straight to your page; as you know in business there are lots of competition. Feel free to reach out to the team at Eulahub to get a well-optimized Google my business page set up for you.


We both know that for a business to remain relevant and profitable at all times, the understanding and use of trends must come in; therefore for your business to succeed online and remain profitable, the knowledge on how to use google trends to stay profitable must be harnessed.

As part of google free tools, google trend shows you daily, weekly, monthly and real-time happenings (search volumes) on a particular keyword which in reverse is good for your business search engine optimization (SEO).

How is Google trend good for your business search engine optimization (SEO)?

It helps your business to use a particular keyword or phrase that is trending based on its search volume as indicated on Google Trend so your business can create content surrounding that trending search online thereby driving traffic to your business offers.

When using google trend also noted that search can be carried out by country, to know what’s trending as regards that particular country. A search term can also be for a particular country to know its search volume as it regards that country.

To keep yourself notified about a particular trending search you have made use the subscription button to keep yourself updated on how it’s trending.

It is a good tool that can also assist your business in research, news-jacking and also keeps your business profitable. For research, your business can carry out a test for a particular product or service to know when it’s more in need. Still, on research, a yearly search can be done on a particular search term or phrase to see what its performance was like and state possible inference on how the next year would be like. For news-jacking, your business can also do a daily, weekly, monthly search and content surrounding that trend to grow your business.


It’s a tool that keeps your business informed on a desired keyword or phrase when mentioned online. This might be in the form of published content with the keyword or phrase mentioned in it.

Your business now receives information on the go concerning a particular search term or phrase straight to your Gmail address. Setting up Google alerts is very easy, all you need is the search term or phrase you have in mind to keep tabs on and your active Gmail address to receive alerts once the search term or phrase is mentioned on google. It also brings up the content containing the search term or phrase.

Google alerts are not just profitable only for your business, it is also a google tool for monitoring and listening to know the next line of action to take concerning the information gotten in your Gmail.

Monitoring and listening with this google tool don’t only apply to businesses to keep them profitable but to all spheres of work and life, example includes Politics, health and entertainment etc. Feel free visit google alerts to get started.


When it comes to information storage for your business, hardware devices have been proven to fail at points when we need them. So this small free business solution called Google drive has proven to be profitable in keeping information safe, so you no longer need to worry for the loss of information on the device.

Also, note that for Big business you require more storage space so you will need to get the paid package for a larger space to suit your business information storage. Google drive has also gone beyond the storage of files to sharing of files to other users. It simply means you share a link of the file you want the other user and they simply download it without any charges or barrier.

Feel free to also check out google drive and its policies to get a better understanding of how it works


This is another free google solution for your business. It keeps your business profitable in terms of communication with your clients and prospects. With Google hangout you can do your business video call, business phone call, business messages to your clients wherever in the world they are with no country restriction.

It is one of the free business apps with no limitation on usage as it’s a means on how to promote business on google internationally.


A business that stays profitable requires time management and to manage your time properly you require this google business tool called google calendar. The google calendar App helps you spend less time managing daily, weekly and monthly activities with a constant reminder on the next scheduled activities.

With this free google business app, sharing google calendar within the organization is now possible as every activity within the business is well stated out for the worker to see and also receive a notification on what next in the schedule to do.

You can get started to see how well it works for your business to keep it profitable.


When it comes to Digital Marketing using google service, google analytics – a free google software, helps you to measure your advertising return on investment (ROI). This is one of the tools of advertising and marketing in terms of measurement of the effort carried out.

Your business needs Google analytics if your business has a website on an eCommerce store, google analytics will help measure the traffic coming into your Website to know its performance and what next to do keep optimizing for more visit and possibly re-target your visitors to take any action on what you want them to.

When it comes to measuring all your business effort online to better stay profitable, google analytics serves best and it is free for all.

Round the clock Profiting

In conclusion, there are lots of free tools to keep your business profitable, but this free google tool sets a base to keep your business profitable. Note that your business growth depends solely on your constant profitability so I advise you seek out more tools that keep your business in constant profit than those with initial gains.

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