step by step guide to market your business online

A Simple Step by Step Guide on How to Market your Business Online

Digital Marketing has a lot of branches to it, but this Guide will cover the missing and necessary part of Digital Marketing which is the knowledge on how to use it in your business.

Whether you are new to Digital Marketing or an expert this guide is sure to teach you how to apply digital marketing to your business for an increase in sales and profit. 

Meanwhile, let me ask you a question. Have you ever been curious to do a search on google typing these words “how to promote my business online”? Now if you haven’t, I will advise you do but if you have, you will agree with me that these are the results you will find:

  • 21 ways to market your business online
  • 23 amazing online marketing tactics for small business
  • 10 reasons you need Digital Marketing
  • 7 ways to make Digital Marketing work for your business

All these and more will be on the search engine results page (SERP) of Google.

After reading and trying to understand these articles and blog post that are very educating and knowledge packed, it still leaves most businesses lost and overwhelmed that its application becomes a problem, so it became a need that this Guide should be created to help your business understand Digital Marketing application for better sales and profit as it’s important to note that the online, digital marketing world is always evolving.  

In this Guide, you will not just learn how to apply digital marketing to your business but you will get to experience a practical example that you can learn from, copy their digital strategy and implement them in your own business for better productivity.

Now let’s get started by getting a clear understanding of what digital marketing is for your business.

What is Digital Marketing for your Business?

There are lots of definitions and explanations for the term called “Digital Marketing”. But I had to draw out a simple and yet understandable definition to express the word digital marketing as regards to the business entity.

Digital Marketing for your business is a form of marketing that uses electronic or internet devices to reach specific yet targeted persons that need your goods and services. It could also be a way to educate less interested but yet easily convinced persons of what your goods and service are offering.

With Digital Marketing, your business marketing efforts can be said to be easy and business goals reached within a short time. Your business has no light, “yes I said it” your business will remain in the dark (having so much limitation) without the use of Digital Marketing. The world today and its advancement in technology have created a huge gap between your traditional marketing and the present marketing method called Digital Marketing, thereby giving Digital Marketing a front seat to push goods and services to a wider reach of people in need of them.  

In conclusion, Digital Marketing for your business is simply using digital means (online) knowledgeably to reach a wide range of interested clients, who are ready to be active customers.

How to Know the Digital Market for Your Business

For every business to be successful, you must first understand and identify a target market that is willing and ready for your product/ service. This brings us to a term referred to as your “Buyer Personas”. A Buyer Persona is a semi-fictional representation for your ideal customer, based on data and research. This customer is of the high valve and high paying to your business.

Here is how to know the target market for your business online;

A. Define your Buyer Personas: By defining your buyer personas, I mean think of an interested demographic (Age, Gender, Salary, Location, Level of education, family size etc.), their goals and challenges, main personal valves/fears, solutions to the challenge and how your business can be the best solution.

Below is a simple template to work with to better help you understand who your buyer persona is.



You can also learn from these already made Buyer Persona examples by SmartBug in this ebook

B. Research your Competition: Every business venture has a competition, so be free to see what your competitor is doing but don’t get stuck with their method. Your competition might have done so much research and has the right target market for their business, feel free to tap in that market but you should always be aware of little market changes that occur as time goes on. So in as much as you want to see what your competition has done or is doing always try to be unique and different in your approach to the market after much research on your competition.

Here are some tools to help you know what your competitors have been up to with their Digital Marketing Activities:

  1. Spy Fu:  You can research your competitors Pay per Click (PPC) on every online Advertisement carried out on Google AdWords.
  2. SEMrush: You can research keywords that have helped your competitors content to attain optimal result on the search engine results page(SERP).

Please note that there are lots of tools online to use when spying on your competition, but feel free to check out my best tools in the ebook download below that tells you more about how to market your business online.

C. Conduct group research: When conducting this kind of research, be it towards a small focus group or a large group to get a better sample (a representation of the population of interested clients) online, I recommend you use “survey monkey” application to carry out your research. The web application “survey monkey” helps you with a detailed report on what your customers need and how you can be of help becomes clear.

Get detailed explanation on this eBook for free


There are lots of digital marketing objectives out there, let’s look at the 4 most important digital marketing objective.

But first, let’s get an understanding of SMART Goals, it will help us keep track of our digital marketing objectives:

Digital Marketing Smart Goals:

S- Specific – it is true that with a general approach to the market you can get large results to work with, but it will only limit your success to meet targeted individual and will cause you more time which is not good for your business online. So, it is advised you be specific in your approach especially in Digital Marketing for optimal results.

M-Measurable – with traditional marketing it is hard or almost impossible to measure traffic (actions were taken by potential customers) coming in from a particular marketing method carried out, but when it comes to Digital Marketing there is a provision for measuring every marketing effort that has been carried out. This is good for your business as it will cause a positive change in growth and better management of time when done properly.

A-Achievable – Measuring your digital marketing efforts only explain to you what level of growth your digital marketing efforts have been able to produce for your business, it left for you to decide on what needs to be done. “What needs to be done” can be setting of achievable goals that turn out to be what your business needs to be successful.

R- Realistic – For every business that is willing to come online, it will need to come up with realistic goals and objectives. Your business goals and objectives should be what the customer needs and not some created assumption. It should be based on real data from a survey or a close study of your competition

T- Timely – Never forget to be timely about every Digital Marketing effort you’re putting in. Time should be measured for a better understanding of how best to optimize it. For example, if it takes you 60mins to do proper research on a particular niche your product or service will be solving a particular problem     for, try to optimize the time to 50mins of research.

Now let’s look at our 4 digital Marketing objectives in detail:

  1. Increase your sales: The ultimate goal of every business is to make sales and bring in customers. To make sales for your business it takes a process and you have to undergo that process and master it.
  2. Bring in more leads: For sale to occur you must first have what is called a lead. A lead might be from your email list or a person with some level of interest about the service or product your business offer.
  3. Increase conversation rate: There are several ways to know if there is an increase in conversation. When there is a conversation you can see an increase in likes, comments, shares etc.
  4. Increase in visitors: The more the visitors to your website or landing page, the more your chances of getting a lead or a sale for your business.

How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy that suits your Business

Apart from identifying your target market, you will also need a digital marketing strategy that suits your business to produce an optimal result to enhance your marketing campaign growth.

Digital marketing strategy:

To get Digital Marketing working for you, you need to apply these strategies and do it over and over again to get better results.

Here are strategies you can build from to boost your online efforts;

SEO: SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which simply means optimizing all our online efforts to be seen by the search engine which is directly seen by active users who are currently in use of search engine to find answers or solutions to their problem. According to research 93% of all web traffic comes through search engines and makes it good for your business to build its core strategy primarily on search engine optimization (SEO).

At Eulahub we provide business with both local and international SEO, optimizing all your online effort to be seen by search engine users. With SEO your business can grow faster. The word SEO has a lot to it as it’s ever-evolving. So its best advised you get an SEO professional for your business. But for a clear understanding of SEO for your business, it has to do with your business optimizing its content to suit or answer the search engine users’ intent while searching. The various search engine includes Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Therefore, your content should be solving the problems of search engine users or answering the questions as they search.

PPC: PPC stands for pay per click which simply means for every action a customer takes on your advert placement there are cost effects. Action taken by the customer may include clicking on a link leading to purchase, likes on a post, apps download etc. For simplicity, this strategy called PPC is a form of advertising that various advert platforms such as Bing and Google offer businesses that are interested in reaching out to customers who need their goods and service.

PPC advertising platform such as Google ads and Bing ads provides your business with the ability to reach the right customers and fast but with a cost to it. Your business can work with Eulahub to achieve great PPC height for more leads and business sales.

Note that PPC can only work to produce a result when done correctly by a professional.

Content Marketing: Ever heard of the phrase content is king? Yes, this is true. This strategy focuses on producing all forms of content from written (blog post and article on websites), videos, audio (podcast) and graphic (pictures, logo, pictographs and info graphs). With this strategy in focus and the right team to create and curate all forms for content your business will be needing you are sure to reach your business goals and fast.

Eulahub has its team of professionals to create and curate content that your business will be needing to increase sales. One important fact about content creation or curation is that it shifts from written to visual (video, graphic) consumption, as statistics show that people tend to consume more of the visual than written content. Content creation and curation have no worth when it is not in the hand of the right consumer, so that’s where you need marketing to come in. You could decide to use a content distribution platform or do the marketing yourself but make sure your goals and objectives are reached.

Email Marketing: This strategy uses emails to be in constant conversation with clients. Your business needs this strategy to always keep in touch with your present customers for continuous sales and also to pursue leads that are potential customers. Note that when it comes to creating emails to your customers, it must be different from that of a potential customer(lead), as a customer already have some knowledge about you but a leader needs to be educated more about your product or service.

Creating an email that converts your business, you will be needing a skilled email marketer that is creative and produces email copy that converts (grabs client attention to take action). Your business needs an email marketer that isn’t just creative but also analytic, able to test an email to know when it is converting or not, knowing the right time for an email to be sent, measuring and understanding clients response to the email sent.

Eulahub provides your business with the right email marketing experience to drive sales and leads. Note that email marketing is a good strategy when done correctly.

Note that their are other strategies you can apply for better productivity, see them on this eBook

How to Measure Your Digital Marketing Efforts

When it comes to effort measurement as it regards Digital Marketing, you need to set your KPIs (Key Performance Indicator). These are indicators for measuring your goals and it helps you keep tabs on your growth level.

When it comes to KPI’s be it a sale or a lead on a particular digital strategy implemented, you will need to measure both the process that led to the sale and lead and the number of sales and leads too.

Therefore let’s classify our Digital Marketing strategy with measurement tools:

Digital StrategyMeasurement tools
SEOYoast, SEMrush, Moz
PPCGoogle Analytics, SEMrush, Spyfu
Content MarketingYoast, Google analytic, Buzzsumo
Email Marketing Google Analytics, Dashboard of an email provider showing analytics, Boomerang, Hubspot.
Social Media MarketingGoogle Analytics, social analytics dashboard, sprout social, Buzzsumo
Influencer MarketingTracker, Keyhole, Buzzsumo, Klout, Google trend, Inky bee, Blog dash.

Get Started

Its worthy to note that digital marketing for businesses is always evolving so always be on the lookout for better ways to optimize your online business to be profiting to you.

Feel free to always reach out to our team of specialist at Eulahub to provide you with a clear guide on what to do to better improve your online marketing effort, to also get a clear picture of how to market your business online see our free eBook. This eBook gives you more detail on how to market your business online with a clear example for you to follow.

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